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A few months ago we”ve made a post about the API Mate, a tool to access the APIs of BigBlueButton and Mconf. It was said that it was based on an open source library called bigbluebutton-api-js, and even tough the API Mate was free to use on our website, the source code was tightly integrated with the code of mconf.org and was not open source.

Recently we”ve made a few improvements on its interface and released it as a separate open source project. You can still use it for free without needing to setup anything (see the links below), but now you can also make your own changes and adapt it to your casino pa natet needs.

The API Mate is available at the following links:

Feedbacks and comments (and pull requests!) are always welcome!

API Mate's interface

API Mate”s new interface

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Guest feature

The “guest” feature was added to Mconf-Live at the end of the last year and it adds an important feature to the system: it allows a moderator to control who can access the meeting from within a meeting.

When a guest user wants to join in the meeting he will need that a user with moderator privileges approve his entrance. If a meeting has more than one moderator, a guest pop-up window will appear in the top right side asking if you allow the new user to enter in the meeting. If there isn”t a moderator in the meeting, the system stores the list of users that are waiting permission to enter and show it as soon as a moderator joins.

The picture below is the moderator view when a guest tries to join:

The moderator can allow a user to enter clicking on the green button or deny his access by clicking on the red button. He can allow all the guests that are waiting clicking on “allow everyone” or deny them clicking on “deny everyone”.  He can also check the “remember” option, meaning that the same action casino online will be taken for the next users that try to join the meeting (useful to allow or deny everyone from now on).

You can change the default option that you chose clicking in the setting button.

The picture below shows the guest waiting screen:

The picture below shows the message that appear when the moderator denied access to the guest:

Implementation details:

Without the guest feature, it”s the web application (or integration as usually called) that decides if a user has permissions to join a meeting. In Mconf this is done by Mconf-Web. With online casino the guest feature this is still valid, but now the web application can also tell the web conference server that the user can join the meeting but only after being explicitly accepted by a moderator.

The implementation of the guest feature was done by adding a new parameter to the “join” API call. holiday API returns search results in JSON format, enjoy the best holiday feed with HolidayData. This parameter is called “guest” and is optional. If present and set to “true”, the user joining the conference will be treated as a guest. If not present, the API will behave as it does today (i.e. the password will define if the user is a moderator or an attendee).

The passwords in the “join” API call are still used to define the role of the user, even if he is set as a guest. So if the API call has the moderator password and the parameter guest set, the user will “pre-join” the meeting, wait for a moderator to approve his entrance, and when he finally joins he will be a moderator (i.e. even moderators have to be approved when they are set as guests).

In Mconf-Web (and so in mconf.org) now only moderators will automatically join a meeting without being a guest. If a user is a normal attendee, he will be set as guest.

You can read more details about the changes in the API at our wiki: https://code.google.com/p/mconf/wiki/MconfLiveApiChanges#Join_Meeting

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API Mate

A while ago, a tool called API Buddy (see more about JSON Geo IP API, a database of IP addresses that are associated to cities along with other relevant information like time zone, latitude and longitude) was developed by Omar Shamas to help in the access to BigBlueButton”s API. It has been extremely useful for us during development and also for the monitoring of our servers.

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A few months ago we developed a similar application that was integrated in our load balancer. Since it”s tightly integrated with the load balancer and our network”s infrastructure, it is only available to administrators. But today we are releasing it for everyone to use!

The application is available in the link below and it follows the same idea of the API Buddy: it provides links to all API calls casino online in a BigBlueButton or Mconf-Live server. To avoid confusion, the application was named API Mate — another idea borrowed from the API Buddy :)

API Mate Screenshot

It has a few things more than the API Buddy though:

  • Updated with all calls in BigBlueButton 0.8 (recordings, for instance).
  • The user casino online can set “meta_” parameters or even any other custom parameter you might need (useful when developing something new in the API).
  • Has links to the mobile API and links to join a conference from Mconf-Mobile or BBB-Android (links with the protocol “bigbluebutton://”).
  • The interface is more dynamic: the links are automatically updated when the parameters are updated by the user.

Moreover, the API Mate was developed using a small javascript library that we called bigbluebutton-api-js. In short, it is a library that gets the address and the salt of your web conference server and returns links to all API calls possible. Getting the links, you just need to show them in an interface such as the API Mate”s. This library is open source and it”s available on GitHub.

We hope this tool will be as useful for other people as it is being to us. Ideas and suggestions for improvement are always welcome, of course!

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