Community Support

Being an open source software, you can find a lot of information about Mconf on the Internet. The two main sources of information are:

  • The website you’re using right now. Take a look at the menu and navigate to search for the information you need.
  • Wiki: Our wiki is hosted on GitHub and has a lot of technical information about Mconf. You can start by searching for answers at the FAQ.

Moreover, you can look for help at our mailing list. Community members and developers are subscribed to it and will do their best to help you.

  • Feel free to use this mailing list for anything related to Mconf: from technical questions about the installation and development to sharing experiences with other people and giving feedback.

Commercial Support

For anything beyond the open source project, you can contact any of the companies below. Among the services provided by these companies are: commercial support, integration, customization, and custom developments.

Mconf Tecnologia

Mconf Tecnologia is a company from Brazil created by the members of Mconf. Among the services provided are support, hosting and customization. The company works with both Mconf and BigBlueButton.

Visit the website

(Want to see your company in this list? Contact us.)