Registrations on are now closed, try Elos

The web conference service at has been running for almost 10 years, providing conferences for free for thousands of users. Due to the costs and resources needed to maintain the service, it was shut down.

Mconf, the company responsible for has now a web conference service called Elos, that you can try without any costs. We still have a strong relationship with the open source community and plan on updating this website in the near future to include our latest contributions.

Try out Elos!

What is Mconf?

Mconf is an open source web conference system built on top of (and around of) BigBlueButton. Mconf is composed of several components, among them are Mconf-Live, a customized version of BigBlueButton that includes several new features, and Mconf-Web, a web portal where people can collaborate asynchronously, schedule and participate in web conferences. Keep reading this page to learn more about Mconf!

Open Source

Mconf is an open source project, see here where you can find our resources.

Documentation and source code

Every line of code developed in Mconf is at one of the repositories in our organization on GitHub. You will also find there a wiki with all the technical documentation for all components of Mconf and the issue tracking system for all projects.

Project website

Mconf’s page on the research lab where the project started (Portuguese only). PRAV stands for Projects in Audio and Video and it’s a research lab in the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), in Porto Alegre, Brazil. As a research project, Mconf generated some publications that you can find in our publications page.


Mconf-Live Screenshot


The core web conference system

Mconf-Live is the core web conference system on Mconf. It is based on BigBlueButton, one of the best (if not the best) open source web conferencing softwares today. In Mconf we are not only using BigBlueButton, but also contributing to its development. Modules developed by Mconf include: the video dock, the layouts module, the global audio, the guest feature, and several others.



The web application that provides access to Mconf

Mconf-Web is an open source web portal, a web application implemented in Ruby on Rails, that acts as the interface between users and Mconf. On Mconf-Web every user has their own web conference room and users can interact in spaces, shared groups where people with the same interests can interact synchronously and asynchronously. You can register for free on to test the web portal and Mconf.



Use Mconf in mobile devices

Mconf’s mobile client started as an Android native application called Mconf-Mobile. It was discontinued in favor of an entirely new application developed with the framework Adobe Air that offers several advantages over the previous version, such as the support for both Android and iOS. This application is still in development but there is already a beta version available in the mobile stores!

Starting with Mconf

A quick overview on how to start using Mconf

  • Create an account

    It is extremely simple to start testing and using Mconf. Just create an account on our web portal and you will receive one permanent personal web conference room.

  • Share your meeting

    Create your own conferences and invite other people by sharing your room’s URL. Other people can simply access this URL in their browsers and join the meeting.

  • Communities

    Mconf allows you to create communities, shared spaces that have their own web conference rooms and where people can collaborate synchronously and asynchronously.

  • Join a meeting

    You can open your room at any moment from your home page by clicking in the button “Start a new meeting”. Your room will have a unique URL based on your username. For example:

  • Private meetings

    The users you invite to your web conference don’t necessarily need to be registered to access it. And if you don’t want anyone accessing it, you can protect your room with a password.

  • Mobile access

    If you want to join a web conference from a mobile device, you can install Mconf’s mobile client on your Android and iOS devices.

Video tutorials

This is a series of short video tutorials covering the most important topics and features of Mconf, made specially for users that don’t know Mconf yet.

(Currently only available in Portuguese.)

Contact us

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You can also reach us directly at