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Found 4613 spaces
  • KeLearn Coding I
    Private space with 2 members
    Classroom 1 for medical coding
  • KeLearn Coding 2
    Private space with 2 members
    Medical Coding class
  • Tadabbur Quran OL Kamis
    Private space with 2 members
    Tadabbur Quran online dari Rumah Tajwid Indonesia oleh Ust Hartanto Saryono Lc
  • KeLearn Coding 3
    Private space with 2 members
    Class #3 for Coding
  • Sala de encontros para associados da BRAMA - Brazilian Research Administration and Management Association.
  • cercleoasis07-jeanpierre
    Private space with 1 members
    Cercle Oasis du 07
  • Espacio para videoconferencias y webinars de la Academia Mexicana de Derecho Informático, A.C.
  • testme
    Private space with 1 members
  • I Webinar
    Private space with 1 members
    Primo webinar
  • lower level managemenbt weekly
    Private space with 1 members
  • nadvertex accounts
    Private space with 1 members
    owed money
  • Apresentação de planejamentos de disciplinas no moodle
    Private space with 1 members
    Comunidade dos Participantes e Assistidos do SERPROS.
  • Constant Conference
    Public space with 3 members
    The t-learning transformative knowledge network is developing a virtual, interconnected, on-line research school to support young researchers undertaking research focussing on transgressive social learning for social-ecological sustainability in times of climate change. The research school will focus on emancipatory and sustainability processes, and will support the role of research in bringing about social change (research as activism). This recognises that research is complicit in moral action that generates knowledge with both human and more than human beings. Such research seeks to enrich the common good in direct ways that are linked to social activities and practices. In the research school we encourage researchers to develop and share new methodologies that are co-engaged, and that are transformative in nature, and that actively support t-learning processes. The t-learning research school foregrounds cognitive, epistemic, social and environmental justice, and therefore does not de-couple the learning from processes that aim to bring about political, cultural, social and environmental change. This space is for general conversations and sharing between the project participants.
  • Nipponflex-CNG
    Private space with 1 members
    Encontro com Distribuidor Nipponflex Naor e Giane