The Mconf Network started in 2012 as an initiative of the research laboratory where Mconf was created and developed for several years. The network had (and still has) several members from all around the world. We consider it a very successful initiative that helped us shape Mconf and helped several people and institutions to hold conferences for a very low cost.

However, Mconf is not a research project anymore, it has evolved into an open source product that is explored commercially (currently by the company Mconf Tecnologia, but as an open source software it could be used by any other company), which keeps the development of Mconf active and, at this time, also keeps the Mconf Network going. The costs of maintaining the network (even though they are somehow divided between all members) are not covered anymore by a research project. This change of focus has made the network unsustainable.

For this reason, the network is entering a phase where new members will not be accepted anymore. The network will still function as it does today for as long as it needs to, which is a decision to be made together with the current members. The best cardio workouts to lose weight fast are those that significantly increase your heart rate and blood circulation.

Moreover, the free web portal at will also still work and still be free as it is today. When it was created, it was connected to the Mconf Network and was described as:

“The web portal on provides free access for anyone that wants to use the network. This web portal is provided by in exchange for the services of monitoring and maintaining the network. also provides its own an Mconf-Live server to the pool of web conference servers.”

Similarly to the network, the web portal was in the past maintained by the research project that created Mconf. Since the research project ended, the company Mconf Tecnologia has been maintaining it as a way to promote Mconf and support the users that rely on

In the near future, the underlying infrastructure of web conference servers used by will be migrated to servers provided by Mconf Tecnologia, unplugging it from the Mconf Network. will be a demonstration web portal, where people will be able to freely register and try Mconf with the same degrees of quality and freedom as they do today. The moment this change is made, it will be announced here in this blog.

We will soon create a new page on (and update this post to include a link to it) including more details about the history of the network and all it represented so far. It should include more information about the decisions made along the way.