We are proud to present our brand new website that introduces Mconf”s new visual identity! This website will be an organized repository for all types of content related to Mconf, with explanations about the project, informations about the components that build the system as a whole, news, and any other information that might be relevant to the community. And also, as you can see, we now have a blog!

In the following posts in this blog we will show you what”s happening in Mconf today and what are our plans for the future. But for now, let”s just take a look at our new website. One of the reasons it was created was to remove content that”s specific for Mconf from our web portal (Mconf-Web), that aims to be a generic application for anyone that wants to use BigBlueButton. Pages such as “contact us” and “informations about the Mconf network” were moved to this new website you”re seeing now, casino pa natet making online casino Mconf-Web a bit more generic and reusable.

The content you can find today in this website is the basic structure for what will be added in the future. In the main page we have an overview with a demo where you can test Mconf and take a look at all its features. It also points to the Mconf Portal, the social network that provides access to Mconf and aggregates our communities and users.

Currently, most of the content in this site is located in the about section, such as the page that explains the concept of the Mconf global network and the pages with resources and publications. Also, if you want to know the people behind Mconf you can check our team page and maybe contact us directly.

And, at last, this change happened at the same time another major change is happening: our headquarter was moved to a new lab to accommodate the new members that will be joining our team very soon!

New lab, with windows

New lab, now we have windows! — real windows, not the software :)